November 17, 2017. Beijing.

Alessandro “Billy” Costacurta, Italian football legend and AC Milan glory, has launched his official Weibo profile. “I am very excited to now have a direct channel to connect with Chinese fans who love Italian football”, Costacurta said. Costacurta’s Weibo profile will be managed by Champions International Consultants (CIC). “Billy won the Uefa Champions League in multiple occasions and is certainly a global symbol of Italian football, said Giovanni Lovisetti, CIC Managing Director. “This is a great honor for us and confirms that our company is headed in the right direction”, Mr. Lovisetti added.

“I came to Weibo to share my insights about Italian football, my visits to China and, of course, give fans a window into the happiest parts of my personal life”, Costacurta said.

Costacurta promised to offer his comments on Milan Derby (now also known as “Chinese Derby”), Italy national team performances and major football tournaments such as the UCL and Russia’s 2018 World Cup.

Sina Sports, the sports media arm of Sina Weibo (NASDAQ: WB), will share content featuring Costacurta through social media accounts with millions of followers.

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