A Powerful Network at Your Service


For Corporate Clients

We connect you with the right athletes for your next marketing campaign. We mastered the art of matchmaking. Our current clients includes global superstars such as Edi Cavani, Patrice Evra and Alessandro Costacurta, but through our VIP network w​e can reach the majors football stars in the planet. 

For Global Sports Properties

We help athletes, football clubs and federations to connect with their Chinese fan base and to attract sponsors by designing sophisticated, impactful China digital strategies. CIC is the only China digital media agency focused in clients of Latin culture. We make sure that when Latin clients work with us, they feel at home. 

We offer the services you need

CIC has established partnerships with all the key players in China Digital Football World. By tapping into our network you will be able to reach millions of fans/customers and  social media in an easy, impactful and culturally familiar way.  Our services include:

- Account Opening (Weibo, Douyin, Dongqiudi and more)

- Content planning

- Brand Strategy

- Campaign building

- Channel identification

- Monetization

- Partnerships

- Sponsorship packages design

- Video & Live stream

- PR Management